Work from home

Employers often allow their employees to work from home, as long as they have a steady internet connection that provides access to the company’s network, shared files, email and printers.

Employees can use the company’s email system to keep in touch with the office. There are however other ways of communicating. They can:

  • transfer their office phone to their personal phones
  • browse the intranet to keep up to date with things happening the company
  • have meetings using video conferencing
Wireless technology allows distance working

There are advantages and disadvantages to working from home for both the employer and employee.

Advantages and disadvantages for the employee

Advantages Disadvantages
No travel costs or time wasted travelling to and from work It can be lonely working from home and they may not feel part of a team
Working in the comfort of their own home There are arguably more distractions at home than in the office
Option to work for a company hundreds or even thousands of miles away It may prove difficult to separate work from home life
Able to spend more time with their family

Advantages and disadvantages for the employer

Advantages Disadvantages
No need to provide employee with a desk or computer if they choose to use their own Harder to check what employee is up to
Employee may be happier working from home and do more work as a result Employee may not feel part of a team and might end up doing less work

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