New ways to access entertainment

ICT has changed the way we access entertainment. Some people now prefer to:

  • read news on the internet instead of buying a newspaper or magazine
  • download and read books on e-readers instead of reading traditional paper books
  • download or stream music and films from the internet instead of buying CDs or DVDs
  • download games instead of buying the CD or DVD
  • watch TV after it’s aired using online catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and 4OD

Renting content

Streaming movies and music is growing in popularity. Instead of downloading the movie, song or album, you pay to access it or stream it for a set period of time. Once that period of time is over you must pay for it again.


The move towards digital downloads has caused a lot of concern for the industry and copyright owners. It’s easier now than ever to share books, magazines, music and movies with family, friends or complete strangers. This breaks copyright law because you do not have the copyright owner’s permission to share it and those you’re sharing it with did not pay for it. This is piracy.

MP3 player

Bands, authors and production companies make less money as a direct result of piracy. This may result in fewer books being written, songs and albums being released, and films being made because there is less incentive for artists and authors.


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