Health and safety

Working at a computer for long periods of time carries certain health risks. Taking frequent screen breaks and exercising your eyes are advisable for anyone who works on computers all day.

Getting comfortable and avoiding hazards

When you’re sitting at your computer or laptop you need to be comfortable. It’s also important that:

  • the desk and surrounding area is neat and tidy
  • cables are out of the way, so they are not tripped over
  • food and drink is kept away from electrical items
  • plug sockets are not overloaded
  • your screen doesn’t reflect light from the room or from outside
  • the room you’re in is well lit to avoid eye strain when looking at the screen
  • your eyes are level with the top of the screen

In the workplace

There are laws covering the use of computers in work. An employer must provide:

  • adjustable screens
  • adjustable chairs
  • footrests
  • correct lighting
  • regular eye tests

These laws do not cover students in school or college.


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